On this site we tell of our vision and detail our prac­ti­cal life on the way to that vision.

We offer our expe­ri­ences and sug­ges­tions and hope to encour­age and inspire, so that more and more of us start to trav­el the world with voice and sto­ry, to lis­ten and to tell.

For before we begin to tell we become qui­et and we lis­ten. We lis­ten to what is around us, and to what is in us, to what is amiss in us, what is cry­ing, and call­ing out for expression.

We love our pro­fes­sion. We are tellers of sto­ry. We tell from the heart, with skill and with affec­tion. We go to places where peo­ple are in need and where the sound of sto­ry heard leads to engage­ment and healing.

And the sto­ry trav­els on.

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